Aqua Tank Clean

Why Us

Perameter Traditional Our Process
Hygiene In the traditional process, there is no maintaining hygiene by labour/sweeper/plumber and generally they use broom, bucket, by hand and bleaching powder/detergent/caustic soda which can be harmful. Our staff maintains hygiene and special costume/shoes. We use machines and don’t use any chemical
Latest Technique In the traditional process, there is no use of any technique We use latest machines like Dewatering Machine; germen based High-pressure Machine, Industrial vacuum cleaner and Ultra violet rays that removes bacteria for cleaning water Tank by trained and expert staff
Time Consume In the traditional process, it can take many more time In our process, because of trained staff it will take little time to cleaning water tank
Certainty In the traditional process, there is no certainty that the sludge, dirt and bacteria have been removed or not In our process, there is more surety to remove sludge, dirt and bacteria because we use Hi-pressure machine for removing sludge, dirt, Moss and we also use in UV (Ultra Violet) technique to remove bacteria
Sunlight/Ultraviolet for removing bacteria In the covered water tank no chance to sunlight absorbs hence the bacteria spreads In our process, we use Ultra Violet irradiation after completing cleaning process so that the bacteria can remove properly
Appearance In the traditional process, the labour/sweeper/Servant is not specific for cleaning so their appearance doesn’t give feelings like professional cleaner In our process, every staff has dress code which shows confidence that they are exclusive trained and working for water tank cleaning job
Re-call In the traditional process, No recall and reminder by self In our process, we work professionally and keep database, we remind to clients on due date. We recommend cleaning again the water tank in the 3 months frequency
Low-Cost In the traditional process, you have to pay unreasonable amount to cleaning tank and not worthwhile In our process, you have to pay 40% lower amount than traditional process and it is much more worthwhile.

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