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About Us

“Aqua TankClean” founded in 2007. According Indian mythology 'Panchtatva' represent five elements represents the five elements from which life evolves. In the this universe and all it's contents are basically composed of panchtatva or five basic elements comprising of Prithvi (earth), Aqua (water), Vayu (wind), Prakash (light) and Aakaash (sky). It is believed that our body is also composed of the same basic elements. And Aqua TankClean is being work on cleaning of Aqua (Water).

In the present scenario water tank cleaning is hazardous job for anyone, If anyone wants to clean his/her water tank he/she would hire/delegate to any sweeper or labour or plumber, generally they work with traditional and unhygienic way they use broom, detergent powder and It is not sure that the Moss, sludge and bacteria has removed? And the unprofessional person may take more time for doing this cleaning process.

Now “Aqua TankClean” is having fully updated equipments, Eco friendly and latest technique for cleaning tank. “Aqua TankClean” has a safe and scientific process to clean and disinfect the storage water tanks. We use step by steps 5 process. We have well trained/expert personnel/staff. They start process with latest equipments and do complete within appx. Less than 1 hour (It’s depend on size of tank). During the cleaning water tank operation our staff maintains hygiene and safety procedure. “Aqua TankClean” has strength to clean water storage tanks upto 1,00,000 Litres.

“Aqua TankClean” recommend for best healthy results the water tank should be clean in 3 months frequency.

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